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John Lennon: Plastic Ono Band

1970 proved a fruitful year for the solo Beatles, George Harrison releasing his behemoth 'All Things Must Pass', Paul McCartney cobbling his arresting homemade debut and John Lennon expressing his soul in a manner he never again equaled. 'Plastic Ono Band', a compilation of thirty years of anger thrown on record, proved a compelling album, reigniting Lennon's taste for the viperous, iconoclastic and lethal in equal doses.

Sparser than the latter-day Beatles albums, the record proved the work of Lennon's guitar playing (without the more proficient Harrison here, Lennon shows how commendable a guitarist he was), Ringo Starr's drumming (Starr rarely sounded this good again) and Klaus Voorman on bass (there were unsubstantiated rumours that he would take McCartney's place in The Beatles, though Voorman would record 'I'm The Greatest' with Lennon, Harrison and Starr in 1973). Delighted with Phil Spector's work on 'Let It Be' ( a ninet…

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